Doublebase Flare Relief Emollient

Our unique dual-action, steroid-free emollient with a supplementary anti-inflammatory.

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Regular use helps to prevent flare ups and reduce soreness and redness

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Suitable for dry skin conditions, such as mild to moderate eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

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Free from colourings, fragrances, steroids, SLS, parabens and MI preservatives

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Can be used every day

Doublebase Flare Relief Emollient range

What makes Flare Relief different?

The clinically effective formulation has been specially designed to lock in moisture and help repair the skin’s protective barrier. It also contains nicotinamide, a vitamin B derivative with proven anti-inflammatory properties, to help reduce redness and inflammation in skin conditions – such as mild to moderate eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis – without the need for steroids.

The combination of a highly moisturising emollient action and mild steroid-free anti-inflammatory action in a single product that can be applied anywhere and for as long as necessary, means Flare Relief is a unique and convenient treatment to help manage and prevent dry skin that is prone to flare ups, which can be used daily for as long as required. The anti-inflammatory agent, nicotinamide, is NOT a corticosteroid.

Who should use Flare Relief?

Some dry skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, go through periods of extra redness and inflammation – commonly called ‘flares’. These flares result in aggravated, sensitive and sore skin and, in such cases, a plain emollient may not be enough.

This is where Flare Relief from Doublebase can help. By adding an anti-inflammatory ingredient to a highly effective, long-lasting emollient, it delivers additional relief to dry skin and can help prevent flares.

It can be used either during the period of flare itself or as an ongoing, highly effective emollient.

Flare Relief is suitable for all age groups including children and infants over 1 year old.

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Using Flare Relief

  • Flare Relief is a unique dual-action emollient with a supplementary anti-inflammatory. It can be used as often as required. But, as with emollients generally, it works best if you apply it frequently.
  • Gently smooth over and around all dry and/or inflamed areas three times daily or as often as required. Simply smooth onto the skin, in the direction of hair growth to avoid blocking hair follicles.
  • Don’t rub it into your skin vigorously as this can irritate dry skin conditions and the gel will not absorb as effectively.
Doublebase Flare Relief Instructions For Use
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