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High performance emollients and hand wash to relieve eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis.

Dry Skin Emollient

Clinically proven, GP-recommended emollient to treat dry, problem skin.

Doublebase Dry Skin Emollient range

Flare Relief Emollient

Steroid-free emollient with added anti-inflammatory

Doublebase Flare Relief Emollient range

high-performance emollients to relieve:

Why choose Doublebase Emollients?

From the no.1 maker of prescribed emollients in the UK.

Easily absorbed




Use whenever you
need to


Free from SLS, parabens, MI preservatives, colourings and fragrance

Doublebase Flare Relief Dry Skin Emollient dispensers
Skin layers

We understand your skin

You’ve told us that when you’re suffering from a problem skin condition, you’re not striving for flawless perfection. You’re just looking for normal skin.

That’s why we’ve been making high-performance, market-leading prescribed emollients for over 30 years; bringing soothing relief and daily normality to countless sufferers of problem dry skin.

And now we’ve made it even easier for you to get the relief you need. Just pick up the Doublebase treatments from the Dry Skin & Eczema fixture in Boots or online at Amazon. You can also find it in the Healthcare aisle at the supermarket, or at any good health and beauty retailer. 

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